‘The ties that bind us – don’t let COVID rip them apart’ – a conversation with Michael Lang

Posted Aug 2020

I have had the great privilege of having a conversation with Michael Lang, that we have called -‘The ties that bind us – don’t let COVID rip them apart’. This conversation is live on YouTube (link below). It focusses on the importance of relationships, staying connected and managing separation with the additional stressors of COVID-19, including some practical tips on how to manage this.

This conversation followed my contribution to a book supporting families during COVID-19 called – Living Together, Separating, Divorcing: Surviving During a Pandemic, edited by Michael Lang and Peter Nicholson. This book was an international effort as many contributors came from across the world. Thank you to Michael, Peter and Fiona McAuslan for the making of this video.

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Our eBook is available in Australia here https://www.amazon.com/Living-Together-Separating-Divorcing-Surviving/dp/B088BHVPC1

Grief and loss in family separation

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