New Australian Mediation Dispute Resolution Accreditation Standards

Posted May 2024

TheĀ Mediator Standards Board (MSB) was established to support and promote high standards by mediators and to enhance the quality of mediation services in Australia. It is the peak body for mediator training and accreditation in Australia, and has oversight for the development and maintenance of the framework and standards for professional training and accreditation. The MSB focuses on quality, consistency, and best practice in the delivery of mediation and dispute resolution services across Australia.

Mediation Accreditation is voluntary. However, seeing a mediator who is accredited and operates under industry standards provides reassurance that they are appropriately trained and qualified, having the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise to provide appropriate dispute resolution processes to navigate negotiations and achieve mutually beneficial resolutions. They operate under a professional framework that is aligned with industry standards, in a national and recognised emerging profession.

The MSB has announced (May 2024) the release of the Australian Mediation Dispute Resolution Accreditation Standards (AMDRAS). This has been developed following a review of the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) in 2020 and ongoing consultation process with independent consultants Resolution Resources, members and training organisations, other key stakeholders, and members of our vast dispute resolution community. The Board has taken the opportunity to sincerely thank all of those involved in helping develop and now deliver AMDRAS.

This is an exciting development as our emerging industry moves towards a profession.

Jodie Grant is on the MSB Board of Directors supporting our industry and practice standards.

The documents are here