Our Story

Shifting Sands; the name and symbol represent our philosophy and underpinning values. They provide an extended metaphor representing change, pathways forward, communication and opportunities for growth, transformation and development. Shifting Sands provides a framework for coming together, containment, communication, a forum for parties to meet in the middle for facilitated negotiation processes that provide effective and safe outcomes.

The name Shifting Sands is in recognition of the constancy of transition, change, transformation and growth in relationships. Change creates potential; Shifting Sands, with communication at its nexus, creates the space, the forum to realise those opportunities.

The Shifting Sands icon consists of a number of intentionally ambiguous symbols, that are open to individual perception and interpretation. Firstly, a circle (representing unity or coming together) with distinct double ‘s’ pathways. The pathways represent journeys through life. The pattern is taken from the vein of the dragonfly wing. The dragonfly is connected to the symbolism of change and light, and also carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. In other lights, the pattern looks like a jigsaw puzzle or leaf veins.

Why we exist

Shifting Sands’ purpose is supporting people, their organisations and communities to navigate their changing relationships in their worlds.

We live in a world that is ever changing and too often, people struggle to cope with this change. We help you get out of unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviours to find new ways to have different conversations with others. We help you walk towards a new purpose, where you take personal control on the choices you make with the challenges of life.