General FAQs

  • At the moment, all of our services are being offered though a zoom cloud platform or Microsoft Teams i.e. virtual meetings.
  • It is important in these times that extra care is taken to ensure the privacy of conversations and these meetings are not overheard by others.
  • Going forward, service delivery decisions will continue to be made considering best service principles.

Service location

Generally clinical services are delivered out of premises in Prahran. However other services may be delivered on site or alternate locations, as appropriate. If appropriate, teleconferences may also be offered.

Shifting Sands works alongside Creating Common Ground. Creating Common Ground is a team of experienced counsellors and practitioners, skilled in facilitating helpful conversations on sensitive issues and providing assistance in a supportive environment.

Creating Common Ground provide a number of services across a broad range of areas including Relationship Counselling, Family Therapy, Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy, Mediation & Family Dispute Resolution, and Education & Training. Professional practitioners aim to help you enhance relationships, improve your emotional well being, develop your own solutions to conflict situations, support families through difficult times and to navigate the many life stages and cycles common to us all.

Do you offer immediate, crisis support?

We are not a crisis support service. If you need immediate support, contact one of the crisis services listed below.

How old do I have to be to access your services?

We usually require parents’ consent to work with children under the age of 18. In certain circumstances, we will work with people aged 15 to 17 without parental consent. In these circumstances the young person needs to be able to understand the service that will be provided and give their informed consent.